Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Busiest Week

Its Friday...huh....this week is a very challenging week to me.Among all week in University of Malaya,this week is the most busy week.Joining the committee of Minggu Mesra Pelajar Kolej Kediaman 9 really made me sick.Gadafi, Roujin, Afiq,Anis and me were incharge to help others AJK in preparing and organizing this main event throughout the week...thankfully,all others AJK were really kind to help us to complete our task of handling backdrop for the stage...

Actually,its kind a hard to post something in English..coz I am not used to English and i really have weak ability in English..Nevertheless,I am trying to speak,write and understand English as this language had become compulsory language and lingua franca of all ethnics and races all around the world....while I was mentioning the word lingua franca,something came and knocked my mind, how can a long time ago,Malay language can becme the lingua franca used by all travelers that come to Malacca....and how could this language now only common to all Malays and some Arabians...hurm...its a question that i am still thinking rite now..

At the mean time, this Saturday..I am going to Putrajaya!!!!!!hehe..but not for enjoying and having fun there, but to attend something important,Temu Duga Biasiswa Khas IPTA as mentioned in the scriptletter...and i am really nervous thinking whether i can do this or not....whew......